Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Onwards to Maturity

     The girls and I happened upon this interesting little wildflower while checking out a showier purple one beside it. Nearly walking right past it, my eyes settled on it as I made my way back to the trail. Recognition briefly registered in my mind causing my footfall to slow to a halt. Pineapple-weed? Could it be? On my mental list of wildflowers I hope to spy, I had seen it in my field guide many times. I excitedly snapped the photo, to use for final identification later.

     Upon returning home, I loaded the pictures and began poring over my books. It sure did look like what I was hoping for. I read about the characteristics of this wildflower. Apparently it would emit a strong pineapple scent if its flowers or leaves are crushed. Well I hadn't tested it that way! I'd have to go back the next day.

     We did return the following day, excitedly talking amongst ourselves in the car about who would be the first one to check for the smell. Upon further inspection, the flowers did, indeed, have a sweet pineapple smell when crushed. How exciting! A highlight in a dreary sort of week for me.

     I was thankful to hear the Lord "speak" to me concerning this plant. He reminded me about the beautiful fragrance that resulted from the crushing. Don't you forget, Tamra, how I do this in your life. Oftentimes you feel beaten down. Remember that the sweetness comes from the crushing. Okay, Lord, I hear You.

     The more I find out about this flower, the more fascinating it seems to me. Interestingly, it tends to grow in places where it is constantly trampled upon. Hmmm.... I think I can relate to that feeling! What I cannot exactly relate to, though, is that the rough treatment hardly ever hurts this plant. Its resiliency causes it to thrive in spite of the beating it routinely takes. Oh.

     Lord, You always meet me where I am. You know that I am discouraged and hard-pressed on every side. How thankful I am that I have You to cling to while walking through the valley! I want to be mindful of what it is You are doing in my life. Remind me on a daily basis how profitable suffering is in bringing me to maturity in You. Help me not to give up when it feels like too much. Cause me, through my crushing, to be a sweet aroma not only to You, but to those You would place in my life. I want others to be blessed through my experiences, Lord. Help me to persevere and even possess inexplicable joy for the journey. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.