Sunday, June 12, 2011

Christ in me the hope of glory

The Lord has graciously been speaking to me through this beautiful Evening Primrose flower. I know that He loves me, but sometimes I am just wowed by the way He initiates a deeper walk with Himself. I am so thankful that He enables me to see his handiwork all around me, and hear His voice through His creation. He is good!

I have always liked this flower in my garden. It started as a single bloom from a friend and is now like a bush. I never much liked yellow flowers until I was introduced to this one. There is just something about it! It stands out, bright and cheery, next to the other flowers in my flower bed, earning praises from neighbors and friends. I am not usually in a position to purchase gifts for those who are special to me, but this flower has proved to be a remedy for that. On a few occasions it has become a wonderful parting gift to send with anyone who admires it.

The Lord showed me this week that I am like the Evening Primrose. Yes, it is true that He has made me to stand out amongst other women. Every Christian is called to be different, and it benefits us to ask ourselves if there is enough difference between us and the world. This is a nice reminder, but not what He spoke to my heart.

It took a bit of digging to glean all that He would have me hear from Him. When I searched for information, I discovered that this flower is found in poorer environments and grows best in disturbed soils. He certainly had my attention now! I thought about that and began to hear, like a tape recording, all of the Scriptures that speak of the benefits of living in the midst of "disturbed soil." How often I can say that things have not gone as I would have chosen! Inevitably, the way is much harder and gives ample opportunity to fear. Looking back, those are the very situations that teach me to trust Him more. Those are the times when I grow and even thrive in the midst of the uncertainty. And all because of the very things that I dread the most.

One more neat little thing about this plant is its stigma. Look at it in the picture. It is cross shaped. A two-fold reminder for me: I have Christ within me and I will sometimes be called to identify with His suffering. Who knew that the Lord would have so much to say through a simple flower? He never ceases to amaze me!

Lord, You are so very good to me! Thank you for the reminder that great things result from the bumps that I encounter along the path You have me on. I am in awe of Your creativity, Lord! I cannot fathom the intricacies of the things You have made. I praise You because You are worthy to be praised. I lift up my heart to you and humbly ask that You keep me close to You. In the beautiful name of Jesus I pray, Amen.